What is the Freedom Rider Scooter?

It's a new alternative in energy-efficient transportation for the 21st century. The Freedom Rider is the first stand-up or sit down scooter economically priced for all personal or commercial uses.


Is this like a Segway?


It’s faster, goes further on a single charge, is much easier to ride, offers the alternative of a seat, and costs 70% less than what a Segway does.


How fast?


Up to 16 mph. Of course this will vary with rider weight and terrain. But on a flat surface with a 300 lb. person on board, The Freedom Rider Scooter has been timed at 16 mph with a GPS.


How long does the battery last on a charge?


About 25 miles. Again, the speed, terrain and rider weight will vary this number.


How long will the batteries last?


Between 300 and 500 charges.


What kind of battery does it have?


There are (4) 12 volt dry cell batteries on board. Lithium batteries are available at an additional cost.


Do I have to get replacement batteries from you?


No, these are generic batteries that can be purchased at many locations.


How do I recharge it?


The free-standing charger, which is included with each unit, simply connects to a 110 receptacle and then into the back of the scooter. Charging takes about 4-8 hours for a full charge and uses about 10 cents worth of electricity.


Do I need a license to ride a C.A.T.  Scooter?


No. In most locations it is treated as a personal mobility device which does not require licensing. However, local laws can vary. So if you plan to use it on the street, you should consult your local authorities.


How much does it weigh?


Approximately 93 lbs. for the Plus & Pro models.  With the Lithium model, the batteries are quick release and the unit is about 40 lbs. lighter!


Can I get it any color other than white?


We have units that are also available in black.


Where’s the motor?


The motor is in the front wheel. It is a 350 watt direct current, brushless motor that is used in thousands upon thousands of electric bikes, motorcycles and scooters around the world.


Where do I get parts?


Contact “ The FREEDOM RIDER”.